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Worker's Compensation

Because workers' compensation is a unique and fairly complex area of the law with many pitfalls, if you have been injured at work, it is recommended that you hire an attorney experienced in handling workers' compensation claims to enhance your chances for getting the benefits you are entitled to receive.


Insurance companies providing workers' compensation coverage for employers are interested in protecting the interests of the employers, who are their insureds. Such insurance companies are also trying to save their own company money. They are not interested in paying the injured person money and, as may be expected, the insurance company wants to pay injured persons as little as possible, while still protecting their insured. That is their mission and their job.


The mission of the lawyers of The Miller/Salsbury Law Firm is to maximize the compensation paid to our injured clients. We want to help you obtain just compensation under the law for the loss arising from your injury.


The attorneys of The Miller/Salsbury Law Firm have extensive experience handling all facets of workers' compensation claims and appeals against corporate and private employers, state and local government employers and their workers' compensation carriers.